Seasons Of War: Tales From A Time War

Seasons Of War cover
Seasons Of War cover, illustration & design by Simon A. Brett

Seasons Of War was the brainchild of writer and editor, Declan May. Declan very kindly asked me to be involved and I “grew” into the role of creative editor. I also created the cover illustration and wrote (And co-wrote) two stories within the book as well as illustrated the comic strip, “Time Enough For War” written by Jim Mortimore.

“They retaliate in ways more inventive, more deadly and more unimaginable than ever before. Events are written and unwritten again and again. History is changed. Future is altered. Every moment in time and space is burning. The Time War is about to enter a new phase. Whatever you call yourself, you’re going to be very busy…”

A War that threatens all of time and space…

A man who has renounced his name and everything he stood for…

A battle being fought across the universe between old enemies, both sides keeping dark secrets that must never be revealed…

Seasons Of War is collection of stories featuring the War Doctor. It is an unofficial charity anthology raising money for Caudwell Children and dedicated to the memory of PAUL SPRAGG. It features more than thirty contributors, including GEORGE MANN, LANCE PARKIN, JENNY COLGAN, PAUL MAGRS, MATT FITTON, JIM MORTIMORE, ANDREW SMITH, JOHN PEEL, KATE ORMAN, MATTHEW SWEET with a special preface by NICHOLAS BRIGGS


With SIMON A. BRETT (Creative editor, writer and illustrator), NICHOLAS HOLLANDS, WARREN FREY and JOHN DAVIES