Whoblique Strategies

Whoblique Strategies

1977: Brian Eno and David Bowie apply random oblique strategy cards to the recording of Bowie’s Low and “Heroes” LPs. From rock ‘n’ roll comes a new kind of art. 2017: Playwright Elton Townend Jones and his Vortex of Wholigans apply the same strategy cards to every Doctor Who TV story. From time ‘n’ space […]

Iris Wildthyme: A Clockwork Iris

After the initial publication of Seasons Of War, I was very kindly asked to write for the next Iris Wildthyme anthology to be published by Obverse Books. In Timepeace, Iris and Panda find themselves dipping into the lives of a people both controlled and reassured by the presence of an ominous doomsday clock… Light from […]

Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion

Britain’s West Country is a peninsula renowned for its mythical beauty and remoteness.  Its rugged coastline is marked with discreet dark coves and countless deadly rocks that jut above the waterline.  Fossil-laden cliffs are battered daily by the wild sea, the remains of shipwrecks are but recent memories visible in shallow waters.  Mysterious creatures have allegedly […]

Seasons Of War: Tales From A Time War

Seasons Of War was the brainchild of writer and editor, Declan May. Declan very kindly asked me to be involved and I “grew” into the role of creative editor. I also created the cover illustration and wrote (And co-wrote) two stories within the book as well as illustrated the comic strip, “Time Enough For War” […]


Terrors Of The Théâtre Diabolique

‘Terrors Of The Théâtre Diabolique’ was a thrilling new collection of original horror fiction from the Cygnus Alpha writers’ collective sold in aid of the mental health charity, MIND. Six seemingly random strangers are drawn by a mysterious figure to a disused, semi-derelict theatre in a sleepy, seemingly innocuous, seaside town. There they begin their […]

Cygnus Alpha: The 12 Doctors Of Christmas

The return of the classic Doctor Who fanzine from the 1980’s brought together a team of writers (Both amateur and professional) to create an unofficial Doctor Who anthology. The book was made available at no charge, with the request that if readers enjoyed the stories they might say thank you by making a donation to […]