Sheriff Of Nottingham Poster

There are some TV shows and franchises that you never believe you’ll be asked to reference in your work, so it was a wonderful surprise and an honour to be asked to put together a piece based upon the classic HTV Saturday evening drama, Robin Of Sherwood.

Hooded Man Events are holding a special one-day event on May 18 based around the episode The Sheriff Of Nottingham. When I refreshed my memory by watching the episode, I was struck by how much story and fantastic characters were encased in the single, hour long outing. This, coupled with the fact that this particular show was written by a man who has come a long way since, Mr Anthony Horowitz led me to the decision to approach the artwork like a movie poster.

The illustration was created entirely in vector format. This essentially means that the image is constructed entirely from lines and shapes and although the process can be somewhat protracted and lengthy, it does mean that every element is not only editable right until the last moment, but the artwork can be printed to any size without any loss of quality and sections can be reproduced separately from each other. Edges are clean and crisp, even if rendered to the size of a house! Having been a pencil to paper artist for most of my life, this illustration alone has been a learning experience in creating effects that would ordinarily be created by traditional means. It’s an interesting prospect to think that I may be able to apply this method to other subjects in the future.

Prints of the artwork will be gifted to visitors at the event, though the possibility of it being available otherwise is currently being discussed.