Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion Cover
Secret Invasion Cover

Britain’s West Country is a peninsula renowned for its mythical beauty and remoteness.  Its rugged coastline is marked with discreet dark coves and countless deadly rocks that jut above the waterline.  Fossil-laden cliffs are battered daily by the wild sea, the remains of shipwrecks are but recent memories visible in shallow waters.  Mysterious creatures have allegedly been seen there.

Unspeakable things are said to hide in the fog-laden moors and monsters are rumoured to lurk in forgotten oak woods that have stood in the valleys for hundreds of years.  Remains of an ancient people are found in the burial chambers, stone circles and hill forts that were constructed millennia ago.  And of course, how can one forget the castles and estates of the old aristocracy who once had the fortune to reside in them?  Cosmic and ancient horrors can be found in the West Country.

Influenced by the weird fiction of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Secret Invasion includes a Q&A session with horror maestro Ramsey Campbell, and 15 chilling tales set in this haunted landscape provided by Andrew Lane (Young Sherlock Holmes), Jessica Palmer (Dark Lullaby and Shadowdance), Helen Stirling, Jon Arnold, Lee Rawlings, Steven Trickey, Jolyon Drake, Christopher Glew, Anna Norman, Dan Barratt, Simon A. Brett, crytozoologist Richard Freeman, Mark Norman, Nigel Foster and Tony Eccles.  Amazing artwork is produced by John Swogger, Mark Toner and Steven Trickey.

This anthology has been put together by the Devon-based creative collective known as Cygnus Alpha and was produced to help raise money for the UK charity MIND.