Cygnus Alpha: The 12 Doctors Of Christmas

The Impossible Girl
The Impossible Girl

The return of the classic Doctor Who fanzine from the 1980’s brought together a team of writers (Both amateur and professional) to create an unofficial Doctor Who anthology. The book was made available at no charge, with the request that if readers enjoyed the stories they might say thank you by making a donation to a charity.

12 Doctors, 12 days of Christmas, 12 stories – linked by an impossible girl and the spirit of Christmas.

I provided illustrations for three of the stories alongside writing the 10th Doctor story, The Stocking Killers.

The book featured the work of Lee Rawlings, Michael Collins, Declan May, Mark Clapham, Tony Eccles, Dan Barratt, J.R. Southall, Jon Arnold, M. William Anderson, Alistair Pearson, Paul Griffin, Jennifer Kettlewell, Anastasia Catris, John Swogger and Huy Truong.

Please note that due to the release of an official release under the same title in 2016, the Cygnus Alpha book has been withdrawn from availability to avoid confusion.

Gaudi Night by Mark Clapham
Gaudi Night by Mark Clapham, artwork by Simon A Brett


A Flight Before Christmas by Dan Barratt
A Flight Before Christmas by Dan Barratt, artwork by Simon A Brett


The Stocking Killers by Simon A Brett
The Stocking Killers by Simon A Brett, artwork by Anastasia Catris