Seasons Of War 2nd Edition

I've just had the honour of having a quick look over the final proof for the new, second edition of Seasons Of War: the unofficial War Doctor anthology that has… more

Exeter University Doctor who Society MINICON 2017

Don't let the title deceive you, as this 'Minicon' has a Who related guest list on a galactic scale.I've been given the honour (Alongside my Blue Box Podcast/Ph… more

Sometimes change is forced upon us...

I think it says a lot about a device (whether it be hardware or software) when it falls at a hurdle so inherent to it's being, that it renders the whole thing..… more

Starburst Magazine

Watching Doctor Who illustrations

Celestial Toyroom

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Seasons Of War

The unofficial War Doctor anthology

Cygnus Alpha

The legendary 1980's fanzine

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